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Discover the professional services of Passe-Parvous, the reliable partner for the rental of your luxury accommodation in or near Cadzand. We ensure that you are completely unburdened and have more time to enjoy everything you hold dear. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you during an introductory meeting without any obligation, in which your wishes and our services will be discussed in detail.

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The services of Passe-Parvous

  • Discussing and establishing specific rental conditions
  • Advice on and establishment of night rates
  • Optimal presentation of your property, supported by a professional photo shoot
  • Taking care of the entire rental process
  • Payment security, no guest access without prior payment
  • Monthly rental invoice
  • Direction and control of external parties, such as cleaning
  • Personal contact with homeowners
  • Flexibility in own use of your property
  • Flexible renting
  • Insight into the rental of your property using Recranet's convenient environment for owners, our partner in reservation software

Passe-Parvous employs local, enthusiastic employees with knowledge of business and the region, who ensure optimal service and a personal touch. Choose the professional services of Passe-Parvous and enjoy a carefree rental experience.