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The natural splendor from Breskens to Cadzand-Bad

Experience the serene splendor of West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, a jewel on the Zeeland coast. Enjoy the vast beaches, relax in the natural dune landscapes and discover the unique charm of this coastal destination.

Welcome to our region where you will discover the most beautiful nature all along the coast from Breskens to Cadzand-Bad. 

On this page we will take you along the beautiful coastline, where you can enjoy fresh sea breezes, idyllic dunes and the most impressive sand castles. Discover the charm of Cadzand-Bad, the only Dutch seaside resort with the status of salubrious seaside resort, and be inspired by the local flora and fauna in nature reserve 't Zwin. Whether you want to spend a relaxing day on the beach or are looking for a unique fossil, Cadzand-Bad has something for everyone. Cadzand-Bad is a unique destination where luxury and natural beauty go hand in hand.  

Be sure to wander further afield as well because along the entire coastline you will find the most beautiful natural areas. Walk among the cows or sneak among the trees and discover birds in the Verdronken Zwarte Polder in Nieuwvliet or be amazed by the way sea and land flow together in Waterdunen near Breskens. A vast array of birds and plants makes every walk in Waterdunen a true voyage of discovery. 

All along the coastline you will find numerous beach pavilions where you can settle down for a well-deserved break. Summer and winter, enjoy a cold refreshment or steaming cup of coffee at the beach pavilions to enjoy the precious time you spend with your family, family or friends in our beautiful region. Also be sure to look further into the varied menus, as these beach pavilions are also the better restaurants. You can find more information about them under the "Food" category.