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Discover local festivals and events

The kite festival in Cadzand offers a colorful and captivating show of kites of different sizes and shapes. Admire the impressive kite creations floating in the air and enjoy the lively atmosphere that this fest brings. It is a great way to spend a relaxing day at the beach and enjoy this unique art form. This event is held several times a year at Caricole beach pavilion.

Want to get to know authentic Zeeland? During the annual folklore day in July, enjoy the Zeeland folk sport in IJzendijke: rienkrieë, or ring riding. On the back of an unsaddled horse they gallop down a track. Meanwhile, the ring rider must try to stab a ring with a lance. In addition, sjezenrijden is at local activity. This is similar to ring riding, but with sjezenrijden, participants in regional costume sit in a wagon pulled by a horse. One of them holds the horse, the other has to stab the ring. There are also demonstrations of curling and crafts.

Every last Friday in July, Groede hosts its annual fair. The fair offers a variety of local products, arts and crafts, food and entertainment. It is a great opportunity to experience the charming atmosphere of the town of Groede and enjoy a day of fun and entertainment.

The evening markets, held on four Tuesdays in July and August in Sluis, offer a cozy and lively atmosphere where you can enjoy local products, clothing, accessories and much more. Enjoy shopping while surrounded by music and entertainment in a picturesque setting.

The first weekend of August the coastal village of Breskens hosts the Visserijfeesten. This event is dedicated to the region's rich fishing tradition. Visitors can enjoy culinary delights with fresh fish dishes, traditional music performances, demonstrations of old crafts and street performers.

The fireworks festival in Knokke-Heist is a spectacle you can enjoy during your visit to Knokke. On one of these evenings in August, admire beautiful fireworks being shot off over the coastline while enjoying a relaxing evening by the sea. The festival makes for an unforgettable and enchanting experience.