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Shopping fun in Sluis or across the border at our southern neighbors

Discover Sluis, a charming blend of historical riches and modern shopping experiences. Stroll along the fortifications and explore the unique stores and local gastronomy this Zeeland town has to offer.

Sluis is not just another town; it is a destination where history meets contemporary shopping pleasure, 7 days a week! Dive into Sluis' rich history, explore its unique stores and taste the atmosphere of its local restaurants.

During your holiday in Cadzand-Bad it is definitely recommended to cross the border. Shopping at our southern neighbors offers many possibilities. Will you choose the fashionable Knokke, the historic center of Bruges with a mix of long-established and modern stores or one of the shopping centers in Ghent?

Are you in Breskens? Then be sure to visit Cocoon, a fun boutique that combines clothing and lifestyle in a great way.