The coastal town of Cadzand actually consists of two villages: Cadzand-Bad and Cadzand-Dorp. The village is situated more inland, in the extensive polder of West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The coastal town of Cadzand-Bad is, together with Domburg, the only Dutch seaside resort that may carry the predicate Heilzame Zeebadplaats.

Discover and enjoy the beautiful coastline of Cadzand Bad, ideal for getting a breath of fresh air, sitting in a dune hollow looking at the sea or building the most beautiful beach castles.
The t'Zwin nature reserve is known for its beautiful flora and founa. Definitely worth a visit.
Don't forget to search the sand during your walk, you might just find a fossil of a shark's tooth!

Groede is a pearl of a village.
The most beautiful part of the village is the old market square.
This is the centre of the village. Beautiful old houses from the
17th century adorn the market square. In the middle is the beautiful old church from 1615. On the market square, there are several catering establishments.

Just outside the village is Groede Podium, a surprising play and bunker park and also silent witness of the Second World War. Amidst the Groese polders, beach and village, stories come to life.

Retranchement lies on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium.
It is the most south-westerly coastal village of the Netherlands.
Surrounded by beautiful and safe cycling routes along the coast as well as through the polders.
The idyllic village "Ter hofstede" is certainly worth a visit by bicycle or on foot.


The shopping and fortified town of Zeeuws Vlaanderen. There is something for every taste. There are many shops and restaurants.
The range of shops varies enormously, which makes shopping in Sluis such fun. Not such a shopper? Then visit the Belfry or take a stroll along the ramparts of Sluis and discover the rich history of the town.

Is traditionally a fishing village. The village is situated on the south side of the Westerschelde estuary.
Next to the harbour is the marina and several (fish) restaurants.
There is a possibility of spotting seals with a round-trip boat.
The Fisheries Museum is also worth a visit.

Are the known Belgian place names (bustling city) that are well visited and what is certainly worth. Belgium is a stone's throw away from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.
Knokke is known for its fashionable shopping streets and luxurious atmosphere, Knokke is connected to the nature reserve t'Zwin.
The historic and medieval town of Bruges has a wealth of cultural attractions and nice shops.

Zeeuws-Vlaaderen is known for its Burgundian lifestyle. We love good food. Salty flavours, tough produce and endless creativity.
Zeeland's chefs mainly work with local produce.
Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is therefore clearly on the culinary map,
With its starred restaurants, bistros, pubs and caf├ęs, it has a lot to offer.

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